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Canadian Wild Rice

Canadian Wild Rice

Manomin Wild Rice
Kagiwiosa Manomin Wild Rice Manomin Canadian Wild Rice is organically grown and originates with the Ojibway Aboriginal people. Kagiwiosa Manomin, an Ojibway owned and operated cooperative is located at Wabigoon Lake Ojibway Nation in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. Manomin is the Ojibway word for wild rice. We buy freshly picked Manomin from local Ojibway harvesters. The Manomin is then locally processed and packaged for market. The Anishinaabe ("the people") have always maintained organic production methods that emphasize community participation:


That great Taste
Manomin has that hand crafted taste developed since roasting wild rice to perfection over a wood fire time immemorial and honored in Ojibway legends, feasts and ceremonies. Freshly harvested Manomin is roasted to perfection using wood-fired roaster. Roasting draws out the natural nutty flavour and the Manomin cooks in 25-40 minutes (no presoaking required).

Be sure to check out our excellent recipes online, where you'll find tons of great wild rice cooking ideas!

Manomin - Tasty, nutritious and affordable!
Manomin is actually a type of grass, which grows naturally in the fresh water lakes of central North America. The Ojibway people Basket of canadian wild rice have always proclaimed the virtue of Manomin as a food rich in flavour and high in nutrition. Manomin, added to a vegetarian diet, is easily digestible, high in fibre and high in protein (double that of brown rice). It is also rich natural source of Vitamin B, iron manganese, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, calcium, phosphorous and carbohydrate. One ounce (28 grams) of uncooked Manomin provides an individual serving.

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Canadian Wild Rice